Parenting FAIL: Tased Fan Identified, called Dad

Steve consalvi
According to, the tasered fan at last night's Phillies game was Steve Consalvi, a 17 year senior at Boyertown High School, heading to Penn State next Fall.

He wasn't drinking.  His father said he was a "good student", and that he even called to ask if he could run onto the field before doing so.  Umm, parenting FAIL.

Consalvi told his Dad it would be "a once in a lifetime experience."  No kidding.  This is the first time Philadelphia Police have ever tasered a fan on the field.  And he's getting his 15 minutes of fame out of it too.  Well played, Steve.

According to Facebook, Consalvi likes "going to Phillies games."  Ironic.

All joking aside, the punishment didn't fit the crime here.  As awesome as it was to see wannabe Paul Blart chase after Consalvi, he was slowing down and surrounded by security.  No need to taze, bro.


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  1. He got exactly what he deserves. I did not pay to see to some young idiot running around the field trying to be somebody. Maybe if his father had hugged him a little more when he was young, Steve wouldn’t have felt the need to steal the spot light. If you ask me, they should have pepper sprayed him too! So everyone should just lay off the cops. Anyone who goes to a game knows what the rules are and if you chose to break them…well then you suffer the penalties.

  2. true, this kid did a really dumb thing. but, the word i used is ‘kid’. seventeen, a senior, all revved up….let’s face it, kids do stupid things. we’ve all done stupid things in our youth. this was a little more stupid, but hey, they caught him and it could’ve been over. give him a fine,send him to jail even, but to taser him wasn’t right. this was just a random stupid prank that a young kid with no brains pulled. no need to hurt him, he wasn’t waving a gun, or running naked, or carrying an offensive sign. he was just doing something stupid……………

  3. while I do agree that he did something stupid, not sure if pepper spray or even a taser is needed. Tasers should be used for violent criminals who are hurting others who someone who killed someone and doesn’t want to go to jail. I understand that police officers have to make quick judgement decisions, but to use a taser is a big over done

  4. If he had injured one of the multi million dollar players the out cry today would be ” the police and security should have done something sooner”. No one knew what his attentions were and he was breaking the law,

  5. i’m not sure what was aired on the telecast, but from what i saw from the stands that kid was just too agile for the fat rent-a-cop. i’m not surprised he got tased one bit, and he deserved it for being an idiot. the only thing that would have made it better was if jayson werth actually had lunged at him and took him down.

  6. This kid is an idiot…he deserved to get tazed and I’m surpised that this was the first time…some tennis player was stabbed by a fan running on to the court…Dimbag Darrel got shot by someone running on stage…you don’t know who these people are and you can’t take chances…what if he attacked Victorino?…everyone would be wondering why he wasn’t stopped.

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