It's a home game!  But not really.

The Blue Jays will bat last, the DH will be in effect, and Roy Halladay is going to be confused as shit.

According to Todd Zolecki at, the inter-league series scheduled for June 25-27 will be moved to Philadelphia because the Rogers Centre (god I hate the way Canadians spell center) and the Metro Convention Center (an American must have named this one) are literally feet apart.  The congestion caused by the game would be too much for security to handle with world leaders in such close proximity.

For Halladay, imagine pitching against your former team in a road jersey, toeing the rubber in the bottom of the first, and facing a DH, but having the game take place in your new home.  It's enough to make one's head explode.

Those poor Blue Jays fans who waited all year to see Halladay return… first we take their star, then we don't even let him return.  I would assume it's something like taking the children in a divorce and not even abiding by the court ordered, supervised visitation rules.  Suddenly Blue Jays fans became the David Goldman to our Bruna Bianchi.

Nevermind the oddity of road jerseys and former players, imagine the other possibilities here.  The Phillies and Blue Jays should just go all out.  Blue Jays graphics on the score board, tributes to Danny Ainge, letting Blue Jays sleep with the Phillie wives while the Fightins stay in a hotel.  Brilliant.

We could even call it a "pitchers park" for a few days and let Ryan Howard pad his road home run totals.  The Phils can take the top bullpen so JC Romero can tussle with fans.

The whole city can take on a Canadian persona.  People can say "eh" more than is socially acceptable, and we can politely applaud mediocrity like the Canadians did during the opening ceremonies.

Ah yes, the possibilities are endless.

Let's just hope the Blue Jays don't stage a coup on Christmas Eve and take Doc back. 

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