Charlie Manuel1
A few Phillies related items to pass along today.

Tickets went on sale for the series with the Blue Jays, you can buy them on, or for better seats go to StubHub.

Our friends at NBC Philadelphia sent along an interesting article about how fans are scalping tickets for the Phillies ALS event on Monday.  Ultimately, the money for the tickets is still going to charity, but scalpers are capitalizing on the Phillies popularity, charging double on Craiglist.  What do you think?

Finally, Big League Stew on Yahoo posted a Q & A with Charlie Manuel, some highlights:

David Brown: When was the last time he had to pay
for your own beer in
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

Charlie Manuel: Hmm.
A couple years. I'd
that take pretty good care of me at home and in spring training.

CM: Uniform. Nowadays, though, we get "day" uniforms
— especially at home — and I'll forget. Players will remind you, "Hey,
Charlie, we're playing during the day." You know that one uniform we

DB: No pinstripes.

I always put the pinstripes on for some reason [laughs].