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The MLB Shop is now selling the Phillies new 2010 Stars and Stripes hat.  Despite its appearance, it was not designed in 1990, but like previous years, it will presumably be worn on field on Memorial Day, over 4th of July Weekend, and on September 11th.

This year, the Stars and Stripes hats are white with a red brim.  [back view here]  These might work well with the home white jerseys, but since the Phils are on the road for all of the aforementioned dates, the Phillies will be wearing these exclusively with grey.  Uhh.  The hat itself isn't that bad, but MLB needs to revamp the design for next year, you can only force old faithful's colors into so many uniform designs.  Just imagine how the Giants will look with this hat.  Vomit. 

MLB debuted the hats in blue in 2008, and they were actually cool.  The navy blue worked very well with the Phillies uniforms, and the hats were constantly sold out on their website.  Last year the hats were red and didn't have the same pop.  Blue blends well with more colors than red, so for teams like the Mariners, last year's hats were frightening.

I actually worked for the MLB Shop, and while the blue hats in 2008 were constantly on backorder, we couldn't think of a clever enough way to get rid of the red ones.  You see, New Era wouldn't allow us to discount the hats, so we had to get clever with free shipping promos and gifts with purchase to move the rest of the hats.

Something tells me they are going to have the same problem with the white ones.

What do you think of this year's version?  Tell us in the comments.