Phish Lead Singer in Flyers Locker Room


Flyers flying hiiiiiiiigh…

Phish lead singer Trey Anastasio, who grew up in New Jersey, and his father Ernie got their picture taken with the Prince of Wales Trophy after last night's game, proving that you don't need to have any damn good reason to get into an NHL victory celebration.  []


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  1. @jamesniggly: have you ever listened to phish? i bet it is 1000x better than the shit you listen to you fucking pussy.

  2. their damn good reason is that Anastasio is a great guitarist. Not that it has anything to do with hockey, its just that the Flyers are so awesome that he was in awe of them. Yeah, that just means the Flyboys are that freakin cool

  3. @ m c: wow – that comment speaks volumes for the new crowd that follows Phish . . .

  4. You get what you give, my friend. Why don’t you yell at the first poster for slandering someone who they know nothing about? I guess it is still cool to hate on Phish though, what is this, 1997? I stand by my post.

  5. I seen this guy play at the Waterfront, he played like a shitty faggot, so I consider him a faggot, faggot

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