Stay Thirsty My Friends


[Photos courtesy My PHL 17]

Slicked back hair?  Check.

Rolex to match World Series ring?  Check.

Exiguous amount of chest hair flanked by double lapelled silk button up?  Check.  Check.  And check.

I'm not about to criticize Jayson Werth, but if ANY other self respecting white man wore this, it would be a big mistake.  Jayson rocked this at the Phillies Phestival on Monday, and yet he still managed to look like a flippin badass.

More pics after the jump.


He doesn't always sign balls… but when he does, he wears a faux Cuban inspired two piece silk get up with slicked back hair and I'll fuck your girlfriend eyes.

 Stay thirsty my friends.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, he can wear anything that he wants and still look hot! That’s why the ladies love him .Me thinks he’s trying to change his image to more low key but it’s not working.LOL. Thanks for the funny comments. It made me laugh and I sure needed that.

  2. It’s definitely in his eyes and there’s no way to change that! Out of respect for Jayson and his wife, I’m going to state that I’m sure that he doesn’t want to convey that message that you printed though.

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