For the twelve of you that are still Sixers fans like me, and
for the thousands of you, that at this point in 5 years will become Sixers fans, this is a great day.

In a draft that contains two future NBA stars
in John Wall and Evan Turner, the Sixers have landed the 2nd
pick, guaranteeing them the ability to draft one of them.

With there being little to no chance of Wall slipping to the
Sixers at 2, you can all but bet the house that the Sixers will be selecting Evan
Turner.  I don’t want to read or hear about
how they could take Favors, trade the pick for a bag of balls, re-draft Van
Horn or Bradley, or that they’re going to take some Lithuanian hot dog vendor
that averages 12 blocks a game.  None that will happen, Turner WILL be a

Evan won, I believe, every award last year, including coach of
the year, sweetest boy of the year, best dressed, and even the best dancer
award… and still managed to average 20 points, 10 boards, and 6 assists.  Turner will give the Sixers one of the best
young guard tandems in the NBA, and he will also give them the talented scorer that they have missed since Iverson left town.

One other good thing that comes out of getting the 2nd pick…
It makes a high profile coach more likely to come to Philadelphia, knowing he will be coaching either Wall
or Turner.  Now, I’m not saying expect a title in 2 years, but in 3-4 years they
could very well be selling out Sixers games again.

There are people already saying that the Sixers will pass on
Turner in favor of FAVORS… haha get it… but that will
not happen.  Turner WILL be the number 2
pick, he is Brandon Roy with
some Kevin Durant mixed in, and at 6’7, he has great size for a two guard.  He could
even play the 3 if needed.  There is NO way you can pass up a guy that will score you 20 ppg from whatever position you put him at, and that has the talent to become a star, just so you can take a chance on a project power forward.

Iggy would immediately
become the 2nd best player on the team, which is a role I believe he
will excel in.  Jrue had a great end to the season last year, and lets
not forget they still have Brand, Young, Speights, and Lou off the bench.  

Even Stefanski isn’t that stupid… or is he?  Who knows, in seven years we could all be saying "they had the 2nd pick… and took Turner over Favors??". I, however, don't think that will happen.