Things I Dislike About Citizens Bank Park


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First off, I have to say I love the overall experience at CBP. I go to as many games as I can (which is a lot of games), and it is always a blast. We have the best place to watch a ballgame; Citizens Bank Park. But, there are flaws. There are things about the ballpark that drive me crazy. Here are my top 3 things that I hate about the ballpark. Wait, hate is a strong word. Here are the top 3 things I dislike about CBP:

1. Lady Pha Pha- I understand why they have this character. It makes sense. Just like the Phillie Phanatic, we are unsure exactly what Lady Gaga is. So, I can see a little connection between the two. Of course, that isn't the reason the Phillies created Lady Pha Pha, the Phillie Phanatic version of Lady Gaga. They created it because they assume that Lady Gaga is popular with the fanbase. Well, I think it is by far the stupidest thing about the ballpark. We are baseball fans, specifically Phillies fans. We come to see the ballgame and the PHILLIE PHANATIC. While Lady Pha Pha can be funny, seriously, can we just leave the Phanatic as the Phanatic? Maybe I just can't stand this character because I'm not the biggest fan of Lady Gaga. But, despite my views on the mega popstar, I can't stand Lady Pha Pha.

2. The Vendor Who Blocks the View of the Game- While most don't do this, there is one beer vendor who works my section and picks the absolute WORSE TIMES TO SELL. Let me set the scene for you. It's a big game against a rival team, like the Mets. The Phillies are down by 2 runs in the 5th, but have the bases-loaded. Ryan Howard steps up to the plate. The fans are going nuts. But, as Howard steps up to the plate, this guy (asshole) walks down the stairs and starts trying to sell his beer, blocking the view of home plate. At least 10 fans yell for this guy to move. Now, most of the vendors, in this situation, will either quickly try and sell their items and proceed up the stairs, duck out of the view of the spectators so he/she doesn't obstruct it, or will simply wait at the top of the stairs for the at-bat to end. Not this guy. He comes down at the worst times, and just stands there. With everyone yelling at him, he just yells back. "I'm doing my job! Shut up!" Now, I have always been taught that arguing with the customer is bad for business. He just argues with you and stands there for the entire at bat. Bad for business? You be the judge.

3. People Who Have Non-Baseball Related Conversation for the Entire Game- We all have been victim to this; Someone sitting behind you and talking about their job, life, or anything that has nothing to do with the game from inning 1 to inning 9. It is so annoying hearing about someone else's life at the game. Even worse, I hate when they talk so loud, that the person next to me can't hear me. Just do us all a favor, and shut up. Even if it is just for one inning.

I really couldn't come up with anything else, but those 3 just drive me crazy. What are some things that drive you bat-shit crazy about the ballpark? Share your experiences in the comment portion of this post.

Kyle's take:  THE WAVE.  Seriously people, sit down.  Jose Contreras was trying to close out the game tonight, and a majority of the ballpark was doing the wave.  I'm all for fun and ridiculous things, but doing the wave in the 9th inning, when your team is trying to finish up a shut out?  Lame.

Philadelphia has such smart fans who know the game (albeit do stupid thing from time to time), why do we insist on doing the wave in critical moments?  This would never happen at Yankee Stadium or Fenway… just sayin.



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  1. The long line at Chickie’s and Pete’s!!!!! Too much time to miss the game even if the Crab Fries rock!

  2. Only the first one can be applied solely to CBP, the others are normal for any ballpark.

  3. #3 has nothing to do with CBP, they can’t control what people talk about. BTW.. just found it but I love your Blog

  4. Regarding #2, can you talk to security about it or someone else in the concessions area? Definitely bad for business and can at least get someone to talk to the guy.

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