This is Why Boston Sucks


This is an actual billboard ad sent out by the Boston Bruins located outside TD Banknorth Garden (courtesy of at this post.)  All I can do is give them the middle finger on behalf of Philadelphia. I hope the Flyers kick their asses anyway, but this is just more motivation to HATE BOSTON (if "Red Sox Nation" wasn't enough.)

Let's do something fun. Post your billboard ideas at the bottom in the comments section, and just like the Bruins, we can be as unprofessional as we want. Or, you can use twitter and send to me @TheGons45. If I get enough good responses, I'll put together a post of our billboards.

Go Flyers tonight!


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  1. How about a sign that says “We only serve English speaking citizens. Sorry Boston, looks like you’re out of luck.” I like this one, because it seems as though the people of Boston speak an entirely different language.

  2. I think the billboard is quite funny, and Philadelphia is no one to complain about a comment like that, which makes us awesome cuz we can just laugh at it, and dish it right back even worse. Im sure they just have their panties all up in a bunch because we won the cup in the 70’s, but i think a simple billboard for us could read as follows
    “never, ever date a bruins fan, because shaving her moustache will be the least of your problems.”

  3. They’re fakes! Both photos are the exact same except for the captions. Each has 13 “thin” bars, a thick one, then nine more thin ones from left to right on the barricade. The yellow and black reflection on the surface is the same in each. There’s some sort of figure on the left side of each photo, and the ground is wet in the same place in each photo. Never mind the fact that a team would have to be crazy to use any sexual connotation for their billboards, but the second one is misspelled at that! I don’t know who is responsible for what appear to be the doctored/altered photographs, of course, but I’m convinced they’re fakes, and that the Bruins clearly had nothing to do with them.

  4. The ones Matt just put up are definitely fakes, and funny. The original post is the real one, though I haven’t seen it with my own two eyes and I’m no expert in billboardology.

  5. Haha, god people….. I KNOW THEY’RE FAKE THE POST SAID TO POST YOUR OWN!!!!!!!! And my comment clearly said “What it should say” And what in the hell do you think is spelled wrong Jim C.? I don’t see it……

  6. Confirmed the billboard is outside north station between the garden and the t

  7. What’s spelled wrong is “Heterosexual”, not “Hetrosexual.” But still funny

  8. Ahhh dammit I totally missed that! Thanks for pointing that out for me Casey, I kept looking at everything BUT that!

  9. I don’t care much about hockey at all, but all I can say is that the Red Sox really super suck! Can you say Yankees 10, Red Sox 3? And can you say Yankees 14, Red Sox 3? I just love it when I hear those ignorant Boston fans chanting in the stands “Yankees Suck, Yankees Suck!” They are just jealous because they have such minor league type of cry baby players. They’re just sore losers!

  10. Philly fan up here in the Boston area. They actually had a real good ad campaign last year – some good videos on youtube, making fun of Bruins fans that weren’t as serious as they should be –
    Leaving Early

    Tucking Jersey in

    Dating another team’s fan

    On Cell Phone

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