Perhaps I am living in the past, when Veterans Stadium was the place the Phillies called home. Still, as our record-setting Jamie Moyer prepares to face off against former Phillie Randy Wolf, I can't help but remember the days when the Wolf Pack howled loudly in the 700-level after every strike-out. Among other notable groups were Curt Schilling's Schill-O-Meter, who placed oversized Ks on the wall to mirror the pitcher's game and Vicente Padilla's Flotilla, a festive group of sombrero-wearing fans who "rowed the boat" after each K.

Sure, during the era of pitcher followings, the Phillies' win-loss record left a lot to be desired, but it's undebatable that these devoted fans added excitement and comedy to the game.

Perhaps the constant sellouts at Citizen's Bank Park make it hard for fans to coordinate the group seats that are required for such an occasion, but during a season when our pitching forecast is not always the sunniest (or most consistent), it makes one wonder if the re-introduction of these morale-boosting groups can positively affect performances.  If so, I say bring 'em back!