You Can Now Own This!

Mitch williams throwback
Made exclusively from your tears, it's the 1993 throwback Mitch Williams Road World Series Jersey!

This little slice of history from Mitchell & Ness is only $249.99!

Look, I don't have a problem with Mitch, in fact I think he's an outstanding analyst, but who the hell would want to walk around in this reminder of failure?  I don't see anybody walking around in Ralph Terry jerseys.

Maybe it would be ok if it didn't have the World Series patch, but come on, that's just wrong.

Is this some sort of cruel joke by a Blue Jays fan at Michell & Ness trying to get back at us for taking Doc?


6 Responses

  1. I saw someone rocking a Morandini jersey with the same patch… and it made me very happy. I do love Mitch, and do love him on MLB network… so i think i could wear it proud.
    Lets not forget the Mitch/LA combo meltdown in game 4, that setup the game 6 disaster

  2. I was 9 years old that year. That crushed me in a way that few things in life have since. I would get it just to take out some aggression out on once in a while. Slash it now and then, throw it at a chair. Like a not so fun stress ball. Other then that, its worthless.

  3. We wouldn’t have made the World Series if not for Mitch that year, acid indigestion and all. Don’t forget that.
    I’d take an Inky jersey as well, he was one of my favs on that team – Kevin Stocker, too.

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