Adam Burish Has Just The Sourest Grapes

Adam Burish won the Stanley Cup last night, oh by the way, he didn't even play in the game, he just dressed for the celebration.  And instead of rejoicing and moving on from the in-series trash talking, he said this:  []

“I think Chris
is the biggest idiot in the league,” Burish said. “I can’t
stand him one bit. I hope I never have to see him again. If I see him,
I’ll punch him.”

He also said Pronger was terrible.  Burish had zero points and was a -1 in the playoffs.

This guy is on a whole new level of douchebag.

Video after the jump.

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14 Responses

  1. must be nice winning a stanley cup while sitting in the press box while chris pronger was playing 30 minutes a game for an entire season.
    when the two teams shook hands, did burish punch pronger? nope.
    tough fucking guy.

  2. He’s an ass, i love their sportsmanship toward the game, its guys like him that give the league a bad name…

  3. Its okay philly fans to be upset, i mean you did just LOSE THE STANLEY CUP IN THE waCHOKEvia center

  4. Pronger is classless and deserves to get punched in the face. Buff tried to talk to him in the handshake line and Prongs just completly ignored it. Great player but classless…

  5. dont dis pronger. he shook your hands. you are really just upset that you won the cup with the entire crowd booing you and everyone on their feet shouting “LET’S GO FLYERS!!!” you were just pissed at us, the fans.

  6. hahahahha congrats on the cup but how many times did you hear the name burish cuz i cant even recall the announcers saying his name once. meanwhile pronger was on the ice thirty minutes a game, man wat a contribution tot he team i think burish should be mvp of the series.

  7. if you’re a blackhawks fan, what the hell are you doing on a PHILADELPHIA fan-based blog? go talk shit to some other douchebags.

  8. All the blackhawk fans are assholes, you might have won the cup but flyers are still the better team. Kane is the biggest asshole on that team i would like to punch him in the face, go rob another cab u dickhead. BLACKHAWKS SUCK

  9. Haha I wasn’t pissed at the fans, even though it was very respectable booing when they were presenting the trophies. I am on here because it was posted on my facebook. I never said anything abour Burish either. He didn’t deserve to play, just like “Carbomb”. All I said was Prongs is classless and I would have go out on a limb and say the rest of the NHL would have to agree. And I would agree with the bandwagon fans but what team dosn’t get bandwagon fans when their teams are doing well? I have nothing against the Flyers. I thought it was a great series that could have gone either way. I just dislike Prongs.

  10. 1) Everyone was booing NHL Commish Bettman (AKA The Buttman) not the Blackhawks, who deserved their win.
    2) Burish was probably being sarcastic about Pronger, but it was either because he’s too stupid to pull it off and make it obvious, or because it was out of context within this short clip.
    3) WGAS/WGAF what Burish thinks. He should be worried about his job. The Blackhawks proved they can win with him off the ice and in the press box.
    4) B.T. must stand for Big Tool. No real Blackhawks fan is coming here at this time to rant like this loser is. He’s probably a Flyers hater from somewhere else with an axe to grind, and conveniently posing as a Hawks fan.

  11. funny how adam burish feel about pronger. with his 0 points in the playoffs he has alot of room to talk….
    what a fucking joke

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