Versus continued its all out assault on respectable coverage.  First, we noticed them delaying the start of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals for the conclusion of a bike race, yes bicycles.  Now they feel the need to promote a minor league baseball game during the Stanley Cup Finals?

We get it, it's Stephen Strasburg, but again, he's pitching in a minor league game.  I can just picture Gary Bettman watching this, thinking "When does our contract run out?"  Coverage, fail.

There's that, and Scott Hartnell looks like he was just birthed by an alien.


This Blackhawks fan was NOT happy with the outcome.  [Deadspin]



Danny Briere tells Charissa Thompson that he likes to go back door.  Perhaps this is the reason for his divorce.

And finally, our friends at The Philly Phans bring us video and audio of last night's overtime goal.