You think Adam West of Batman fame or Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame would easily claim the spotlight at this years Wizard World Comic Con. 

You'd think wrong. 

This man, from Chicehgo, was sporting a Blackhawks jersey at the event in Philadelphia two days after they won the Stanley Cup in a 4-2 series win over the Flyers.  Not just as a spectator, but a vendor!

"Some of my friends said that I shouldn't be seen in public with this jersey on, that I'd get mugged or something", he told me.  "No one's really given me a hard time".

That's not entirely true.

"I did have a waitress refuse to give me refills on my drinks at a diner and one owner kicked me out".

I guess that's the risk you take for wearing a Blackhawks Jersey in the city his team just beat in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Don't worry, only 300,000 people went to the parade anyway.

Some Philly sports fans came up to me after I spoke to him and said, "I don't how he comes here wearing that and expects anyone to buy from him". 

Turns out that no many people did.

To his credit he was a really nice guy and I have nothing bad to say other than the fact that he's a Blackhawks fan. 

And he does have some balls for supporting his team in enemy territory, but turns out he's one of the many people who didn't show up for the parade.