BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Michael Vick’s Birthday Party


Check out the invite, Allen Iverson was there

According to the Virginian Pilot, a man was shot outside of a club following Michael Vick's 30th birthday party in Virginia.

Vick was reported to have left the party at Guadalajara around 1:55 AM and the shooting occurred at around 2:15 AM.  The man who was shot was taken to the hospital with injuries that were non life threatening, he is not cooperating with police.  Witness are also not giving any information.

The terms of Vick's probation state he must "stay away from guns and gambling."  According to his lawyer, he was no present or involved with the shooting.  Still, the image reparation of Michael Vick just took a giant step backwards.

No word on whether or not there was an acceptable ratio of people to cake.


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  1. What’s amazing is he had nothing to do with the shooting, wasn’t there, and will now be judged by a couple of thugs’ stupid actions that he was not a part of.
    I don’t care that he’s a Philly athlete. This guy is trying to get himself back on the right path and garbage like this is not going to help… and it isn’t even his fault!

  2. I understand he wasn’t there, but these are people that he keeps as company. Part of repairing your image is not keeping “friends” like that.

  3. That article I linked above says this: “In addition to staying clean, Vick must stay away from guns and gambling.” VICK MUST STAY AWAY FROM GUNS! How far away is enough? Does this latest event count? He’ll probably just get a talking to from his probation officer.

  4. As to the bankrupt question he did not spend a nickel on this party and was more than likely paid to use his name so this promoter could charge regular people to attend in the hopes of meeting him

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