Chase Utley Resorting to Voodoo, For Realsies


Those California kids are just… different.

According to various tweets from Phillies writers Ryan Lawrence (@ryanlawrence21) and Todd Zolecki (@toddzolecki), Chase Utley has an odd assortment of bats, banana peels, an orange, an apple, a can of Red Bull, and dip laid in front of his locker.


First we find out Jayson Werth saw a wizard with the Dodgers, now this?  It's either a weird prank, or Chasey is going all Serrano on us.  

Upon seeing Utley's display, JC Romero said, "I believe in God, I don't believe in that shit."

Where is So Taguchi when you need him so he can come by and tell Chase he has no marbles?


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  1. Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs. If it helps him, go for it then. A lot of people display statues of saints, crystals, angel figures, Native American symbols…. whatever. It’s a free country! It’s just a belief in some power higher than themself!

  2. they just need some sacred geometry in the locker room lol. no but for real it was the dip.

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