Chicagoans Are So Lame


Thanks to The Philly Phans for passing this along.

Today, the Chicago Tribune ran this poster.  And they wonder why newspapers are in trouble.

Your team is a win a way from its first Stanley Cup in 49 years, and the best you can do is make fun of an opposing team's player (because he's really good)?  So lame.

Sorry about the image quality, it's the best we could find.  They couldn't even post a full-size version to help it go viral… weak.


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  1. I would totally expect this from something like the New York Post during the Phils/Yankees world series, but this shows every paper in Chicago must not have any class, as this is Chicago’s biggest paper.

  2. But the Byfuglien Manhood for Sale on Craigslist was okay? Come on….he played like crap….hopefully he will step up.

  3. Maybe if that faggot from Phish didn’t come into our locker room Pronger would be playing less faggy. Phish fucked the Flyers up

  4. I think they are deleting me. If that faggot from Phish didn’t come into our locker room maybe Pronger wouldn’t be playing like a fag. Phish ruined the flyers with their faggotness

  5. Pronger’s quote: “I’m day to day with hurt feelings.”
    The guy is hilarious!! GO FLYERS!

  6. Oddly enough, I really do believe if players had legs like that, and other femininely parts to go with it, and showed them all of like that, Hockey would have a larger audience.
    Relax. I bet you Prongs is having a nice little chuckle at his own expense if he’s seen it and will go about his business kicking ass and taking names Wednesday night.
    And yes, the Tribune Company, and all of it’s papers besides the Chicago Tribune (LA Times, Baltimore Sun, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, etc), isn’t worth the toilet paper those papers are printed on. And I’ve seen bums earn a better living than most of their writers.

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