Chicagoan’s Lame Attempt to Trick Philadelphians

So, when you have nothing else to report about thanks to a three day layoff between Stanley Cup Finals' games, why not trick some innocent Philadelphians with a lame segment?

Commit to the Cup?  Please.  If you see this guy, you have my permission to Commit to Punching Him.


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7 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s kinda fucked up. Sad that people fell for it. I’m pretty sure the “funny guy” field reporter has down syndrome.

  2. Wow…they tricked a housewife and a black guy who were obviously huge hockey fans. Kudos Chicago, you really took our dignity away….

  3. I hope someone give him a good beat down for being such a tool and a fucking idiot! I hope karma bites the blackhawks and that tool in the ass!

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