Chris Pronger is Awesome

Pronger reacted to some of the puck stealing accusations in his press conference today.


7 Responses

  1. Even as fan of the Flyers, it’s hard to deny that he does come across a bit douchey

  2. Douchey? Stfu. Thanks. Pronger is the fucking man!!!!! Go Flyers!!!!!! Stop crying like a lil bitch, Pronger haters.

  3. Dan…if he is getting under your skin as a flyers fan, just imagine what he’s doing to the other team…this man is a surgeon when it comes to hockey and competition…he takes every opportunity to do his job whether its on or off the ice…but yeah, shut up.

  4. Dan as a champion myself, I agree with your post. Pronger does remind me of a little “summers eve” on a humid afternoon. Growing up in Chi-town I bleed cardinal red, black, yellow and rain down flocks of feathers. It is hard to see the relation PhillyFever84and Delvec here is $5.00 go get your self a douche pie and keep it clean for me next time.

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