Danny Briere Injured in Car Crash


This used to be Danny Briere's Range Rover

Danny Briere and his son Cameron were injured in a car crash this morning on I-81 in upstate New York. Briere, who was groggy, veered into the side of a tractor-trailer, causing it to jackknife.

Briere and his son were taken to a hospital, treated and released.

More details as we get them.  Photos at NBC Philadelphia.



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  1. how the hell did they survive that, let alone get released from the hospital already?!

  2. Theyre taking me away because im right. That faggot from Phish probably gave Briere a CD when he was in the locker room. That’s why this happened

  3. He was a gentleman through this ordeal. I have always disliked the Flyers, but in my estimation this isn’t about teams, it’s about character. In my estimation, Danny showed me the meaning of that word. Rather than attempt to shift blame on the innocent tractor-trailer operator, he stepped up to the plate an took responsibility.
    I have a great deal of respect for this man and am happy that he and Cameron are going to be fine. Thank you Danny for giving me another taste of faith in human nature. God Bless and good luck. Pat

  4. Wow! I guess his son was in the front passenger seat and not in the back seat, which is lucky, considering that’s the only part of the vehicle that isn’t squished. And what kind of make is that? A Kia? Com’on, Danny! I know it’s just a family truckster, but you’re making some decent scratch. I’m not saying you should flaunt it, but get one of those German Bahn-burner tanks. One with an airbag in every crevice and which has a gazillion star crash rating. Else I guess your soon-to-be ex must be getting away with murder in the divorce settlement. My best wishes anyway for you and your son.

  5. Actually it’s a 2010 Range Rover… not exactly a “Kia” if you ask me!
    Glad they’re ok – that vehicle looked horrible!

  6. FlyersGurl, you mean it WAS a 2010 Range Rover. Can’t say I commend him on having one.
    My brother had one a couple of years ago. It was a real POS. Spent more time in the dealership getting “tweaked” (his terminology). He actually replaced it with an Acura SUV–not a bad auto-voiture for not being German.
    Anyway, I’d be real concerned about getting another one after taking a look at the pic above, no matter what make model. There’s no way the back of the vehicle should be crushed like that, unless the tractor trailer fell onto it and it was carrying something heavy.

  7. I work for the company of the truck he hit. His SUV actually collided twice by the semi. Once when he hit the trailer, and again when the driver lost control of the semi. Luckily Briere admitted everything truthfully, and everyone was okay.

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