The Sixers have posted a video of Turner after his work out with the team today.  Seems like a good kid, except he got a cheese steak with no cheese… umm.

Chad Ford is reporting that the Sixers recent trade of Samuel Dalembert could make them more likely to draft Derrick Favors:

But the real ramifications may come during the draft. The Sixers have been deciding between Evan Turner and Derrick Favors with the No. 2 pick. While Sixers general manager Ed Stefanski is a Turner fan, new coach Doug Collins is high on Favors. With Dalembert gone and Nocioni in, it could push them in the direction of Favors.

If the Sixers screw this up, I swear to God.  Look at it this way, if they draft Turner and it doesn't work out, no one is going to blame them.  If the draft Favors and it doesn't work out?    U G L Y.