“Everything from here on out is gravy.”

Ed-Snider_phillycom(Source: Philly.com)

In a story that got little attention last week, Flyers owner Ed Snider said this about the Flyers and the Stanley Cup Finals: "…Everything from here on out is gravy." Really?

It was a hot topic today on 97.5 The Fanatic on the Mike Missanelli Show. As Missanelli noted, imagine if Jeffrey Lurie had said something like that before an Eagles Super Bowl appearance.

I just thought it was an odd thing to say going into a series with a championship on the line. Deep down, most fans probably feel that way about this team, considering how improbable a playoff run this was. But anyone involved with the organization can't say that in an interview, especially the owner. Right now it's all about winning a championship and nothing else. Feeling satisfied just to be there isn't an option. And if you do end up losing the series, later on when you reflect on the season and what you accomplished, you can feel good about it. But not before or during the series and not immediately after a disappointing ending either.

Mr. Snider may be proud of this team and content that they made a great run, but it's been 35 years since this franchise has hoisted the Cup at the end of the season. I imagine most readers of this website were not even alive the last the time they won it all. You wouldn't think this fan base would easily accept a second place finish in the midst of that kind of title drought.

Hopefully the Flyers can get back in the series with a win tonight and Mr. Snider eventually ends up enjoying a lot of gravy after they win the Cup.

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