From the man who skipped optional OTAs this spring, and who brought you such tweets as:

We at club empire tonight.. Djacc host'n that joint.. We in there rock'n bet dat


Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaah…. Ayyyyyyye let's do it…………. watch me get low…

comes the Desean Jackson Football Camp!!

That's right folks, and DeSean Jackson have teamed up to run a camp this summer for youngsters.  From the its official page:

All campers will receive instruction in football skills and drills, as well as guidance on teamwork, team building and sportsmanship from DeSean, his teammates and friends.

Yep, DeSean wants to show you how to:

Work hard:

Bac in philly on my shit time 2 grind harder!! The take-over is coming….

Love your Mom:

Had a good bday dinner wit moms.. fam/friends Love that women sooooo much its crAzzy!! Only get 1 of them don't take it for granted…

Be a team player:

It may not mean nuthn to y'all but I want this shit forever maaaaaaaaan……. last name greatness first name forever….. yeaaaah we on

1 thing about me I'm the main attraction I need ur attention I'm who u came to see I don't know about u…. but I love me some meeeh

Help out those in need:

Just saw the big homie Az Hakim when I'm walkn out the club. he was about to leave and couldn't get in. but I told my man bryan to handle it

Perform late in games:

Jus beat mr canks and mr gdoxy in Horse and I finish the game off like mr kobe bean bryant with the left hand shots<<<<<< BOSS

Respect all cultures:

This asain dude way turnt up in tha club damn somebody help this dude plz.. he need a carry out. help him asap!!

Do that club pure popping:

On this fly pimpn cali is active in vegas on my shiiiiit ALL THE WAAAAAAY TURNT UP….. WE DID THAT CLUB PURE POPN…. I TELL YA… STILL ON

Respect authority:

And then they gonna talk about some Male assistant psssssh they trippn dude touch'n on me.. hands 2 ya self ol dude u trippn….. LMAo

They must of thought I was the old Osama Bin Laden they made me strip down somethn crucial at the airport sheeeeesh… not djacc I'm str8

Recover properly:

Oh yeaaaah got that in-home BOMB!!!!! Massage comm'n sheeeeeesh I love them,,,,, that's a must

And most importantly, that it's not all about the money:

big ups to BIG BRO Len Weaver for gett'n that NEW Contract!! U paid n0w boi congrats.. I wanna be like u… LOL

I'm bout to move like the wind ya hear me!! On this trip to philly for couple days to handle some things get this bread…. 1 time

Had that good work out earlier I'm bac on ma shit now money is the moto

Don't forget to sign up!  And remember, the $345 All-Pro package gets you an NC-17 rated instruction DVD, coaches manual, and a signed 8 x 10 picture of Mr. Jackson.

Ya dig?