Jeremy Roenick Cries on National TV After Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup


[Video below]

I used to like Jeremy Roenick.

He played for the Flyers and recorded some memorable moments for us, but he spent most of his career with the Blackhawks.  And, well, so much for objectivity on national TV, Roenick burst into tears on NBC's post game show as he waxed poetic about his years in Chicago.  Really?

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.


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  1. I bear no hard feelings for him. He knows how much this means to the Wirtz family and the city of Chicago. Good for him.

  2. Yeah, he knows how much it means, but there is no need for him to cry about it. He’s not on the team anymore. Its the team’s time to celebrate and be happy, not his. And as national media, he is supposed to have an unbiased opinion. Clearly NBC doesn’t give a shit about that.

  3. I used to love styles, now i wana find where he lives and punch this little blackhawk pussy in the fuckin’ mouth!!!

  4. Proof: Chicago Blackhawks are America’s hockey team. All past Blackhawk players consider themselve’s “Hawks” …no matter where else they may go in their career- their heart will always be with the Chicago Blackhawks!!!

  5. Thanks to phish nobody sees him cry for the flyers. I told you guys that faggot did this. I hope he overdoses

  6. Typical comments from a bunch of jerks. OK, his emotions got the better of him. What’s he supposed to do about it? Partial or impartial, you can get caught up in the moment. I know one thing, I wouldn’t want any one of you sons of bitches cheering for my team. You’re a bunch of foul-mouthed assholes with who care more about being a tough crowd than loving the sport itself…(sour grapes, hint, hint)

  7. I love it. Philly fans crying and bitching and moaning and being assholes. Then, when the media calls us assholes, we complain. Get a grip, people. Quit being crybabies.

  8. The commentators Sucked they were for the blackhawks from the beginning. The best 2 teams played and The Blackhawks prevailed good for them.But I could not stand listening to those commentators and for Jeremy oh well hes soft.

  9. You guys just don’t get what it’s like to see a 10 year old kid cry while his hero leaves the ice in defeat. The kids dream is completely shattered and Roenick was the kind of guy who put the Chicago fans first…staying long after games signing autographs for kids..and he remembered how he felt when that kid cried because he did not come through with the win. If any of you think that is soft and can’t understan that- then you have a screw loose and I hope you never have any kids in your life…because they wouldn’t deserve a heartless father like you.

  10. Bobby Hull, I met Jeremey, watched him in the locker room with Flyers fans, and saw what a great guy he is up close. But this is a national TV broadcast, it’s one thing to be happy for your former team winning it, you don’t cry about it on a neutral broadcast. You just don’t. No one is saying they hate him, but as a Flyers fan, who rooted for him and really respected the guy, to see him sitting there crying about the team that just ripped your heart out, is maddening and offensive. It’s a slap in the face to Flyers fans who really were good to this guy and cheered him every change they got.

  11. I wasn’t crazy for the commentators either. But still, Roenick got choked up. I’ve never seen anything like that on TV before. Likely a combo of pride and disappointment. He really wanted the Cup when he played in Chicago. I respect his honesty. An all-around good guy and one of the best Hawks ever.
    Blackhawks won. They earned it. Case closed.

  12. to the flyer fan who said the commentators were against the hawks. That is NOT true…listen to the other 5 games of the series! Listen to EVERY OTHER series. Eddie O who is a blackhawks color announcer did more praising of every other team WAY WAY WAY WAY more than the Hawks. So many times I was in disbelief at how he didnt at least compliment the blackhawks in some ways, its one thing to show favoritism, but I think he still could gave both teams credit, but he was always praising the team the hawks were playing throughout the playoffs. That is a retarded observation on your part. Typical philly trash. And you know you guys would NOT be saying this if Roenick cried and the Flyers won the cup…I believe Roenick is passionate about both teams after playing for them, so I can tell already you are hypocrites. Roenick will always be a Blackhawk more than anyone else. Show your emotion Jeremy, we love you here!

  13. Also, anyone else think Byfuglien and Niemi could easily share the the Smyth cup w/ Toews? If you could split it three ways, those are the guys who deserve it. Niemi made some of the best saves tonight. Wow.

  14. Actually- now that you mention it- I did notice that the commentators were slightly more Hawk…not in their overall coverage words..but in the little things that kind of slipped out that many people probably didn’t catch..but I heard it a few times. I think I even checked the station a few times to make sure I was watching NBC and not one of our Chicago local channels. The announcers did a great job and definitely had less emotion slanted toward the Hawks..but a few moments (wordless) slipped by…and it goes back to my original statement..the Blackhawks are AMERICA’S team…just like the Cubs are America’s baseball team…and pretty much for both the same reason- they always lost. Now we finally have another winner and nothing bad can be said about Chicago or Roenick or anyone else. It’s etched in stone and the City of Chicago deserves it…and all Chicago players/organization past and present realize and deeply respect this.

  15. Very thoughtful analysis Bobby Hull.I gotta disagree about the announcers tho. No offense, but I found them really boring. Perhaps I should learn their names before I diss them. Was just bored, and my team won! Weird.
    Anyway, I was not digging the game-call. Not great but not un-spectacular either.
    Who am I to complain tho? As If I could do better.

  16. So Roenick breaks down a bit. Yeah, his best years were in Chicago, and he never won the Cup here. Weeping for lost opportunity, for what might have been, for whatever reason. It was AFTER the Flyers fell short, AFTER, the Blackhawks won.
    So give him a break.
    In real hockey news: the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions. The Flyers are not, although they played a great series. And lost a great series.
    As the Blackhawks come home to Chicago to drink beer, eat Cheerios, or serve pulled pork out of Lord Stanley’s cup, the Flyers can console themselves with woulda/coulda/shoulda thoughts as they return to the Jersey ‘burbs so they don’t have to live in Philadelphia.
    Thanks for playing, Flyers. Antti Niemmi, Chris Pronger (not Chrissy — he is better than that) would like you to sign the pucks he picked up after Flyer losses (that would be 4 in the finals, for Philly Phans who can’t cpunt). Please be kind. Or not. Their coach tried to make you the issue, and you beat them.
    Thursday, June 10: a NICE day in Chicago. Thanks, ‘Hawks!!

  17. I bet if the Flyers won he’d be cryin and reminiscing about his Flyers years, too.. Bully on ‘all former Haks playahs consider themselves Haks…’ they’d all whine for whatever team they palyed on that won.. They were sloppy – for such high seed (along with the toppled Caps) the lower ones (Flyers) shone thru… Haks would’ve had their arses spanked if they were playin teams form a near yesteryear – a la Detroit, etc… Go back 2 the 3rd largest city of windy whiners and cry yerselves a river..

  18. America’s team? Whatever? JR is just trying to affiliate himself with the cup. He feeds so much shit to the media pending on where he is at. If the Sharks, Canucks, Caps, or Bruins one it he would of cried. Why? He’s a pussy

  19. Oh well, the Stanley Cup was won by the better team. As much as I hate to say that, because their city is second-rate (hence the nickname “second city”), their fans childish, and their sportswriters unoriginal and unworthy of being allowed to write about something so momentous. We’ll be back….

  20. First of all, he did not “burst into tears”, as noted. He got emotional about something that is obviously close to his heart. I don’t play for the Flyers, but I was emotional after they lost game last night. It doesn’t make him a pussy. Gosh people find it so easy to be rude, yet so difficult to allow others to voice their opinions and have feelings.

  21. Hawks fans don’t deserve this celebration. Their team was the best, but they were the lowest fan base. Maybe they can get Roenick to sob uncontrollably during the singing of the National Anthem at next year’s home opener, as if that could at all possibly top their lack of respect shown during that part of this year’s pre-game activities. Childish, immature, disrespectful. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the time and effort the children have taken to post something on another team’s fan blog. Grow up, and congtatulations to the Blackhawks—they certainly earned their championship. Now if only they could find some adults to root for them.

  22. So what… JR cried. He was a top player in the NHL for years and is an emotional guy. HE NEVER GOT TO RAISE THE CUP! It’s the one thing missing from a great career. Would you expect Dan Marino to be completely emotionless if his Dolphins won the superbowl after he retired? Nice Job Hawks!

  23. You Philly fans are just a bunch of loud mouth morons!! Flyer fans are the most classless fans in sports. Bottom line is the Blackhawks were the better team !! and you guys still can’t admit it. I hope we do play Philly again so we can kick your ass again. But for now, you will need to wait your turn because Chicago has the CUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am sorry, but in talking to co-workers that bleed orange and black they had already turned the tv off before J.R. needed to breakout a box of kleenex all I could do is laugh at him because baseball is my first love and “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL.”

  25. Wow, what I find hilarious is that the night before game six, he was on the Ultimate Goal on Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia with a fucking FLYERS JERSEY talking about how much HE WANTED THE FLYERS TO WIN! But once he gets on big bad NBC he has to be a Blackhawks fan. fuck roenick.

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  32. Ok, when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, that was a really big deal. I think I would’ve cried on national TV, too. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the only one who was crazy excited about that victory.
    Go Blackhawks!
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