[thanks to The Philly Phans and 610 WIP for the audio]

Jeremy Roenick spoke to Angelo Cataldi on 610 WIP this morning about Phiadelphia fans' backlash to his emotional rant on NBC.

Roenick didn't apologize for crying over the Blackhawks' win, but he did say that he would have been the same way had the Flyers won.

I think he's missing the point.

The reason fans were upset at him was not because he was emotional over the Blackhawks' win, but because he did it as part of an objective national broadcast.  If cameras had caught "fan" JR sitting in a luxury box tearing up when the Hawks lifted the cup, I don't think anyone would have cared.  The ire, at least from me, comes when you have to watch a supposed objective broadcaster cry tears of joy for the opposing team. And it certainly doesn't help when he was a beloved figure who you considered one of your own.

He's not going to do himself any favors by calling fans "these people" and ticking off his injuries in his life-long quest for the cup.  Many fans will gladly tick off a list of hardships that don't include millions of dollars, a nice house, an expensive car, and playing a sport for a living.

No one is blaming him for being emotional, just don't do it in front of the faces of thousands of fans who just had their hearts ripped out.

Listen to the interview here.