Jon Garland is a Whiny Bitch


After tonight's game at the Bank, Jon Garland had this to say about CBP:

"This ballpark is a joke, in my eyes. But it's something you have to deal with. There are good ballparks,     and bad ballparks…hitters love it here, and pitchers hate it. As long as this ballpark stands, it's going to     be like that."

Does anyone hear that? I think its the world's smallest violin.

I was at the game tonight, and I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think Werth's homer that gave the Phils a 6-2 lead was going to float out. Scott Hairston looked up in disgust when the ball dropped into the first row in right center. But a pitcher with a career 4.34 ERA shouldn't blame his mishaps on the ballpark and has little room to talk.

How about when the Phillies travel to San Diego later in the year they blame every warning track fly ball on the size of the ballpark? That place is huge, and definitely plays into Garland's sub-3.00 ERA.

What a whiny bitch.

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3 Responses

  1. He may be a whiny bitch, but he probably was reiterating what every other losing opposing team picture laments. I guess that means there are a lot of whiny bitch pitchers in the MLB. GO PHILLIES!!! GO FLYERS!!!

  2. This is true..but CBP is a check swing and it’s outta hear park. But that’s the stadium they are all diff. hell look at Yankee Stadium..that’s a joke! I’m a Mets fan and well Citi..TOO FUCKING BIG!!

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