Kyle Kendrick, Celtics Fan

UPDATE: The Philly Phans tell us he is a Ray Allen fan because he's from Seattle.

Kyle Kendrick is from Washington and lives in Philly, so he's a Celtics fan.  Naturally.  

Tweeted by his Survivor star wife, Stephenie LaGrossa (@survivorsteph).


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  1. Damn it. I’ve been an avid supporter of Kendrick and hoped to see him get his winning ways back, driving Moyer into retirement. I feel betrayed, like being traded to Japan.

  2. kyle, you’re dead to me. weasel. that’s almost as bad as all those assholes from like west chester and south jersey who like the cowboys and mets. fucking weasels.

  3. People need to get a life. This is by far the least offended I have been looking at Kyle Kendrick all season. (I.B.–SURVIVOR is a TV show)

  4. Balls, you dumb ass, she was on the show Survivor 3 times. The first time she was the last player to make it on her own tribe, the second time she was runner up, and the third time she dislocated her shoulder but refused to seek medical attention, so she had someone pop it back in!
    Who cares if he is a Celtics fan, I’d be worried if he was a Sixers fan.

  5. I may be a dum bass, smassley, but why are they making TV shows about surviving the Holocaust? That’s sinking to an all new antisemitic level! And stop all this facacta talk about tribes (there is only one: ISRAEL). We’re Jewish GODDAMMIT! The best f*BLEEP*king religion there ever was and ever will be. (That’s why everybody hates us.) Thank goodness I stopped watching network TV (except for sports).

  6. Iron Balls… I’m confused here… are you trolling?
    You do realize that the show survivor has NOTHING to do with the Holocaust, correct?

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