LAVS is Mind F@%$ing The Blackhawks

Peter Laviolette continues his all out crusade to mind fuck the impressionable young cerebellums of Antti Niemi and the Chicago Blackhawks with these "we're not that good and neither are you but since you're younger and expected to win you should be drinking out of Lord Stanley's Cup" quotes.

And we love it.

From the Flyers Twitter account (@NHLFlyers):

On Niemi

"A couple pucks went through him. I still think we can do a better job. We have a couple more areas I think we can exploit.  I mentioned it before, it's tough. The pressure of sports. It's a tough
position, and all of a sudden it gets harder to breathe. Things start
slipping away. We got to continue to press on. I thought we did a better
job of getting to the net. But I still think there's room for
improvement for us on our attack and trying to exploit some other areas."

On the team

"The pressure, I think, is more for teams that are expected to win, as the 'Hawks are. Everybody picked them before the Series."

Of course as one sports writer put it, Antti Niemi doesn't know if he's in the US or Canada right now, so these quotes will be all but lost on him.

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One Response

  1. Lavs is most certainly one of the top coaches in the NHL. The way he gets is guys to respond to him and the way he motivates is great. Not to mention the raw emotion that he emits on a daily basis. He seems like one of the guys but demands the respect of a head coach which is a tough act to balance.

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