Peter Laviolette is Mad

There are two things in life I am afraid of: snakes and Peter Laviolette mad.  This is one of them.


4 Responses

  1. The only thing about that though, was that it freaked-out that cute redhead who’s been sitting in the first row behind the bench throughout the playoffs. She’s hot! To bad it looks like she’s married, or else I’d make her Mrs. I.B. McGinty. Hope to see her again on Friday night, and bring some luck.

  2. I think he’s mad at the guy wearing the yellow shirt behind him. I just dont understand how these people wear different colored shirts to a FLYERS stanley cup playoff game (esp when your seated behind the bench and know your going to be on TV). Too cool to rock the orange? Penguins fan??!?!? Who gave this guy a ticket anyway?

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