As if the news of Utley and Polanco going on the DL wasn't enough, here's another tidbit to ruin your day.

Mets' Blog and the Seattle Times are saying that a deal between the Mets and Mariners for Cliff Lee is looking more and more likely.  The Mets believe they can win this thing (the whole thing) and they want CP Lee now.

And there's growing
pressure on him
to make that deal. The Philadelphia Phillies are
not the offensive juggernaut they were expected to be and a Lee
acquisition could give the Mets just enough to hold them off and win the
NL East. And possibly advance to a World Series.

That's good news for Mariners fans and also the reason why I think this
trade gets done sooner rather than later, either with the Mets or
Minnesota Twins. Yes, the Cards offering up the 19th overall pick in
last year's draft, pitcher Shelby Miller, is intriguing
if true. But he's still a few years away and, if anything, the M's
could be better off leveraging those rumors in order to squeeze a better
package out of other suitors.

The Mets are like the "last year us", laughing at the team behind them and wanting to bring in Cliff Lee to lead them to the World Series.

This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson and now I'm mad, real mad, Joe Jackson.