Milestone Afternoon For Moyer


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This afternoon, Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer surrendered his 506th career home run to Vernon Wells.  That moved him past Hall of Famer Robin Roberts for the Major Leage record.  Without cheating, who was the first player to homer off Moyer?  If you said Juan Samuel on June 23, 1986 at Wrigley Field then you're absolutely correct!  Here's some other interesting facts about Moyers longballs…

  • Manny Ramirez has homered the most off Moyer (10).
  • The Angels have hit 45 HRs against Moyer, the most of any team.
  • The 506th HR was the 54th allowed at CBP which is the second most of any stadium. (Safeco Field is the highest with 89).
  • Moyer has allowed more HR (87) in the first inning than in any other inning.
  • In his 24 year career, Moyer averages 1.1 HR per 9 IP.

At 47 years young, one wonders how much longer Moyer can keep this up.  It seems like with each start Moyer passes another Hall of Famer.  It'll be a debate that will go on for quite some time…Is Moyer Hall-of-Fame worthy?  Leave comments below and let me know what you think!

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5 Responses

  1. Yup, 87 homers in the first inning, and one in the 18th! And only one of those 506 home runs was inside-the-park.

  2. Hell yeah he’s Hall of Fame worthy! You dedicate yourself to the game of baseball for as long as he has and all the accomplishments he has made throughout his career, that would qualify as being worthy! Go Phils!

  3. Here’s how I look at it. The guys who cast HOF ballots are generally freezing out players tainted by steroids, and I’m good with that. By the same logic, shouldn’t they cut the players who faced the cheaters some slack in terms of raw stats? What kind of numbers would Jamie have against a level playing field throughout his career? His success in the latter part of his career are due to his hard work, playing for good teams, and Selig finally cleaning up the sport. Jamie will belong in the if he ever retires.

  4. Absolutely! Every time he pitches he’s setting another record it seems and all of those on the lists with similar stats are Hall of Famers. If he’s always in that company then he should be in the Hall of Fame as well.

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