Now, Attention Turns to The Phillies

The Phillies got a free pass.

Up until now their recent struggles have been overlooked because of the success of the Flyers.  Everyone is aware of their recent hitting woes, but the ire of fans has been deflected by the improbable shield of the Flyers Stanley Cup run.  That shield has been removed.

When Michael Leighton let in that soft goal on Wednesday night, fan attention shifted back to the Phillies.  Philly has been a baseball town for the last two years, and despite the welcome resurgence of hockey enthusiasm, that won't be changing any time soon.

Expect boos like you have never seen before if the Phillies return from this six game road trip with anything less than three wins.  And deservedly so.

There's no excuse for a lineup of all-stars and mostly ring toting studs to struggle the way they have.  This has gone beyond a slump, it is an epidemic.  There's no reason to think they can't turn it around soon, and perhaps this just shows the true importance of Jimmy Rollins, not just his bat, but also is leadership.  

"Where's five?  Where's five at?"  

That was the phrase uttered by Rollins to Pat Burrell during the second half of Game 5 of the 2008 World Series.  Burrell was hitless in the series up until Rollins called him out in the tunnel just seconds prior to his at-bat.  Burrell doubled, and his runner eventually scored the winning run of the World Series.  Rollins has a knack for knowing when to come up big, and when to say the right thing.  Will his return be a major key to the season?  Absolutlely.  But this team needs to get their act together with or without him, there are too many all-stars and veterans to let this detour turn into a dead end.

The turnaround needs to start now.  The Phillies met in the batting cages of Fenway Park today for a players only meeting.  Someone better have stepped up, because if this goes on any longer, it's going to get ugly.

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4 Responses

  1. Which player in everybody’s opinion should step up and take over the leadership role? That’s a question that’s been on my mind. I would think it would be the person with the most personality and one who has a tendency to be very vocal. If that were the only criteria then Victorino would fit that bill. It also has to be a a “seasoned” Phillie with experience to back him up. It has to be a player that others look up to. It has to be someone to step up regardless of their salary , own interest and quiet nature for the betterment of their team. Could it be Utley to fit this bill? I think it could be him. I agree some player must be willing to do it.

  2. That stink from those Phish faggots must have made it’s way over to the Phillies now. Looks like they’re going to ruin both of them for us

  3. I think we need some better pitchers, Halladays great and you have the feeling hes gonna win when he steps to the mound.When Hamels,Blanton,and Moyer get up there you gotta pray they dont let up 5+ runs theres no consistency with them, the bats will come back theyre too good of hitters to slump the rest of the season but to me my biggest worry is the starting rotation.

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