The Sixers can't do anything right.

They may have just accidentally announced their draft choice… a week before the draft.  Twitter user Michael Levin found this page, announcing Evan Turner as their pick on  Not that this would be a shocker, and kudos to their preparation, but this is sloppiness at it's finest.

In reaction, the Sixers then began to add placeholder pages for Favors and Cousins too.  Take it from someone who used to work in the business, banners are made well in advance in sports for all possible scenarios.  Turner's page was the only one with this creative.

Way to go, guys.

Not only did they get their Photoshop on, look at the title of the page: "Sixers Draft Evan Turner."  So I guess that workout with Favors and Cousins didn't go so well today?

What a terrible poker face.

The Sixers have since taken this page down, but the domain still exists.