Phanatic on Leno

Check out the Phillie Phanatic as Mr. Inappropriate on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.  8:10 mark.

We were the first website to have this on Wednesday… just sayin. 

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9 Responses

  1. LOL I never watch Leno and just happened to have NBC on after the news and was like OMG. Philly gets no respect (lol)

  2. um, hello, its not irrelevent, its awesome. Anything related to the best mascot in sports is automatically cool.

  3. automatically cool? is this 3rd grade? You posted something negative about the “best mascot in sports.” Although I love him to death, I don’t see how posting negative coverage where the word “idiot” is used as an explanation is worth posting, let alone bragging that you beat all other websites….oh by the way. No one else reported this cause its absolutely dumb.

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