Pronger Responds To Burish: Get A Life

UPDATE:  From Tim Panaccio's Twitter (@tpanotch),  Pronger's response today when asked about Burish saying he wants to punch him the next time he sees him:

"Where is that?  In the minors?"

Thanks to reader Michael Hochman for passing this along.  Chris Pronger responded to Adam Burish's level 5 douchbag comments: []

"Why is he worrying about me instead of celebrating winning the Cup? Boy, it just goes to show how much I was in his kitchen for him to be talking about me five minutes after he wins the Cup.  I could care less what somebody on another team says about me. I don't play this game to make friends. I play to win."

Pronger, the gift that keeps on giving.


3 Responses

  1. Get a life you goof! Go celebrate your cup asshole! Pronger did way more than you did in these playoffs!

  2. but you didnt win crissy you lost and will continue to lose for the simple fact that u have no heart and showed it in game 5 and 6 go hawks

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