Pronger Steals Puck, Fires Towel, and Taunts Blackhawks

Nothing like a little gamesmanship heading into Game 3 in Philly.

After the game last night, Chris Pronger took the puck from the ice, preventing members of the Blackhawks from keeping it as a souvenir.  Former Flyer Ben Eager had something to say about it, so Pronger fired a rally towel at him (strange).  When asked about the incident by CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio, Pronger had the following responses: [] [Yahoo Puck Blog]

See below for video.

      What happened?

"I couldn't hear
him, I don't speak gibberish," said Pronger, who picked up a misconduct
penalty at the very end and got into it with Eager.

the puck, Pronger was asked.

"It's in the garbage,"
Pronger replied. "Where it belongs."

You shot a towel at
Eager when he complained?

"So what," Pronger replied.

collecting pucks now?

"Why not? What's wrong? It's
sitting there. What else is gonna happen to it? It's sitting there.
Sure, why not. You got a problem with that?"

Are you gonna
sell it on eBay?

"I don't know. Apparently, it got him
upset. So I guess it worked, didn't it? It's too bad. I guess little
things amuse little minds."


16 Responses

  1. We’re losing because they let that guy Trey from Phish fag up the locker room with his shitty music.

  2. they have the worst goal celebration song ever. It makes me want to stab myself every time I hear it.

  3. Hey, if Pronger wants the puck let him take it! Who’s to say he’s not giving it to some kid in the hospital back in Philly. That’s his business. I’m sure he not keeping it for himself!
    A Chicago Blackhawk Fan

  4. Pronger “steals” a puck? So what? Obviously, he’s waiting for the consolation prize: Niemi’s autograph. “To Chris — nice try.” It will mean so much after the Flyers wake up thinking, like San Jose, “Hey, we coulda/shoulda/woulda beat these guys!” But when it’s all over, they’ll be in Philadelphia (a/k/a/ “Not Quite New Jersey Where The Players Live to Avoid Philadelphia”). And out of it.
    Blackhawks in 5, so we can win at home.

  5. Sounds like the hawks are starting to get under his skin. Thats good, now I’d like to see him get some stupid penalties and allow Buff to do what he does best. I think alot of the flyer players are starting to get frustrated. Which is what you get out of a team like the flyers. They are about physical play and are very animated, so when a team outplays you physically it gets to you. I think his goal was to try and get to Chicago, but it hasn’t ever worked against Chicago, and it just wont work. Flyers need to take a lesson from the nucks before its too late.

  6. It’s a D-Bag thing to do and is typical of a 1st Class D-Bag like he’s acting. Good Pronger, be remembered as a sore loser like you are. Get used to it. I hope after the Hawks manhandle Fils again a Hawk personally offers him the puck. Keep the puck Pronger, we’ll just take our Cup thank you.

  7. hey blackhawks fans, did you know you had a hockey team four years ago? obviously you found out somewhere along the line because you’re all on the bandwagon now.

  8. Pronger is a loser, just like the rest of the Flyers. Enjoy the 1 win, thats all you fags are gonna get.

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