Roy Halladay Has a Man Crush on Chase Utley

Who doesn't.

Roy Halladay adds his name to the list of men in the Philadelphia area who have a man crush on Chase Utley.  After yesterday's game he called him the Derek Jeter of the National League.

He also runs fast.

More from Roy.  [Delaware Online]

"To me, Chase is obviously the driving force behind the team," Halladay said. "He'll never admit it, but his preparation and desire is second to none. You combine that with the talent and a lot of that stuff starts to rub off."

"[Utley] is a special player. I don't know how you'd ever teach that, or if it's something you're born with. You get one guy like that, or a couple guys, and a lot of that carries over." 

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3 Responses

  1. Why wouldn’t he? These two are so close in focus, personality and dedication to the game. He sees something in Utley that he values in himself. Nothing wrong with that. I think it’s great and truly the highest compliment paid to a fellow team-mate.

  2. I have been telling you guys, Philadelphia sports was infected by a faggot influence once that fucking faggot entered our locker rooms.
    Now look

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