Rumor Alert: Phils Miss Cliff

Now, this one is to be taken with a grain of salt, but YES Analyst Jack Curry (@jackcurryyes) tweeted that a baseball official said the Phillies are interested in acquiring a starter (Pedro?) and that starter may be Cliff Lee.

Not too much to this, but there's some rumblings…

Another rumor alert, and this one is at super-rumor status, a reader from Haverford who lives in the same development as John LeClair and Billy King, said that Jayson Werth has been seen looking at houses in the neighborhood.  If true, that would certainly indicate that his contract negotiations are coming along quite nicely with the Phils.  But let's not put too much stock into this one… yet 

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7 Responses

  1. Would love to have Lee back. Halladay and Lee in the same rotation would do a hell of a lot of good for this team….. Also hope the rumor about Werth is true. Here’s a question, does LeClair still live in the area?

  2. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee (hopefully), Cole Hamels, “Big” Joe Blanton, and Jamie Moyer. have to give up Happ major loss couple prospects.

  3. They had Doc without giving up Lee. Lee deal was separate. They just wanted prospects back, which isn’t working out so well.

  4. the halladay deal was done before the Lee deal. granted, they only did halladay because of the Lee deal. But they could have done both- didn’t want to

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