Pic not from Mac's opening, but another night of awesome cavortory for Howard

Check out this gem we found on Philebrity.com (great site for Philly gossip) about Ryan Howard and Chase Utley attending the grand opening of Mac's Tavern.  By the way, they had a day game the next day and won 12-3.

Howard loves the ladies, and Utley reminds the writer of Paul Newman.  Man, if only Utley was half-Jewish, him and Newman would make a fine lookin Jew.

But ninety-degree weather and a bulging crowd go down like a nun’s knickers, so I bid them my best and headed for the door, when Ryan Howard waltzed in with a harem as hot as Georgia asphalt. I couldn’t decide what was more impressive: How a man that size can wear earrings that big with some dreadful Ed Hardy type gear and still be considered a heterosexual, or the fact that he so effortlessly slid to the rear of the restaurant and tucked away with five or six girls, with nary a nod to the fans in the room. Then again, if I was on the receiving end of that kind of superlative company, I’d be quick to have a seat myself.

And then in walked Chase Utley and his wife, the very embodiment of grace. Utterly unassuming. No flash. They spoke sincerely, actively sought after and engaged their fans, and didn’t shy away from eye contact –- which is, more often than not, a reliable barometer of character. In no small fashion, they were reminscent of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.