The Doc Halladay Song

This is ridiculous.  And quite frankly, phenomenal.

Kathy Anderson, a Blue Jays fan, recorded "The Doc Halladay Song" about Roy and made a video to accompany it.  We would be creeped out if the song and video quality weren't so damn good.

And if the G20 Summit wasn't such a little bitch, at the end of June we'd all have the privilege to watch you pitch

Brilliant.  []


5 Responses

  1. teamtobeat- common knowledge, goofball.
    I.B. McG- that’s just dumb.
    Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the amazing athlete and competitor that is Roy Halladay. Even a perfect game couldn’t interrupt his post-game routine. If he was as concerned about being a superstar as he was in being the best pitcher in the game, he’d be on “It’s Always Sunny…” with Howard and Utley. I’m always going to be a Jays fan, but I realize that they may never again reach the post-season. I was happy for Doc when the trade was made, because he’d have the chance to play for a contender. At this rate, he may never get to hoist the trophy and wear the rings like he deserves. He should have gone to Atlanta.

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