The Mets Really Want Cliff Lee

Be prepared to throw up just a little bit in your mouth.

This from today's NY Post:

Mets general manager Omar Minaya has called his Mariners counterpart,
Jack Zduriencik, to say that when Lee officially goes on the market, the
Mets want to be in. The Mets have had a scout at each of Lee's past few
starts, and plan to keep up that practice.

According to, the Mets wouldn't even need a window to negotiate a new contract with Lee before doing a deal.  They are willing to risk giving up top prospect Jenrry Mejia for a chance to win this year.

And again folks, this is why you don't trade Cliff Lee in the off-season for prospects (the best of which, Phillippe Aumont, has just been sent down to single-A).  The Phillies had Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, but couldn't stomach giving up their top prospects or paying Lee $9 million this year, which would have been a steal.  Instead, the prospect crap shoot in Major League Baseball has left us with a couple of underachieving minor leaguers, and Lee is likely going to wind up with the Mets or the Yankees this year.

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4 Responses

  1. Doesn’t matter which league he’s in. It’s the minor leagues all the same. You’re down there to learn and grow. Stats aren’t the most important thing. It’s a time where players can experiment and learn new things. Aumont has showed some good potential and is only 21. The thing about prospects is that it takes time. Give him time and he might surprise more than a few people.

  2. pammy, that’s not the point. the point is we traded him for no reason and now he’s gonna end up with a rival most likely.

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