According to the NY Post, Michael Vick and his brother Marcus spotted former co-defendant Quanis Phillips at their party on Thursday night.  The Vick brothers approached Phillips and told him to "get lost," according to party goers.  Phillips took exception and smashed cake in Michael's face, who seemed to shrug it off.  Vick's brother didn't react so calmly:

"But Marcus was the one who reacted. He had this I-can't-believe-this-just-happened, we've-been-disrespected look on his face. He was very agitated."

You don't go disrespecting a man at his white party.

Phillips then left the party "screaming" and "hurling obscenities" from the parking lot.  Five minutes later he was shot.

This seems to jive with what we were told by David Squires, who covers urban matters for the Daily Press in Virginia.  We reported on Friday that cake was smashed into Vick's face, and that the confrontation continued in the parking lot with members of Vick's crew.  Squires is very confident in these details.

Vick appears to have acted correctly by asking Phillips to leave and not reacting to the cake incident. Marcus (as per the usual our sources tell us) was the one who both planned the party and escalated the incident.  That is in no way meant to accuse him of pulling the trigger, but if there is one Vick brother who made bad decisions throughout this ordeal, it was Marcus.