Werth 1
Add this to the list of quotes you don't want coming from the manager of a contender.  When asked about Jayson Werth's struggles, and the possibility of impending free agency weighing on his mind, Charlie Manuel had this to say:  [Philly.com]

"In some ways, it has to. I definitely think that. I think everyone is like that. Even if a guy is quiet and controls it better than others, I know it does. I know in his mind, he thinks about that. He really got off to a tremendous start. When things start going a little bad for him, yeah, he thinks about it. But he's going to be fine, if he just goes back and plays the way that I know he can, and that he's showed me that he can."

Werth disagrees:

"I don't think anyone can sit there and say they know what I'm thinking," Werth said. "I'm playing hard. I'm playing to win . . . The contract is the last thing on my mind. But at the same time, I know that Charlie is in my corner, and we all have one-track minds in here. But that's not what I'm thinking."

Now, it certainly doesn't sound like Werth is mad at Charlie, the way SI seems to think he is, but these are more discussions you don't want to see from a two-time defending NL Champion.