You Might Never See Vick in an Eagles’ Uniform Again

Michael Vick may have already played his last game in an Eagles uniform.

Jordan Raanan from Comcast Sportsnet points out that Vick's recent actions may lead to him parting ways with the Eagles.  Vick is of no interest to police in the shooting of his former co-defendant Quanis Phillips, but his mere connection to the shooting may prove too much for the Eagles' front office, if not also illegal.

Vick, per the terms of his probation, was to have no contact with Phillips.  According to our sources, Vick did not invite Phillips to his party, but Phillips showed up anyway.  We are told he playfully shoved cake into Vick's face and that Vick took exception to it.  The two got into it in the club, and later when Vick is reported to have left, Phillips was shot by what appears to be a close Vick associate.

The party was the doing of Vick's brother, Marcus.  Marcus has is own slew of legal troubles and isn't exactly the best person to be taking cues from.  Our source tells us that other members of Vick's family weren't thrilled with the idea of this type of party, which just invites trouble.  And while perhaps Vick didn't literally do so, the fact remains he was in the presence of Phillips, whether he invited him or not. That in and of itself violates the terms of his probation. All of the events afterward are fuzzy, but Vick is tied way too closely to this incident.  The Eagles were wary of distraction, and now they have one. 

Now, they might just be down two quarterbacks this off-season.

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