Sex For World Series Tickets Lady Gets Crazier


And in the bathtub each evening, using a
technique cribbed from my sister's copy of The Sensuous Woman, I
closed my eyes and masturbated by positioning myself under the running
faucet, on my back with legs spread, thinking mainly about tall blond
pitcher Larry "L.C." Christenson, although I believe most of them
eventually got a turn.

You're probably wondering how we got to this point.  Let's rewind.

Remember that lady who wanted to trade sex for World Series tickets?  Well, she decided that her 15 minutes of fame wasn't long enough and that she needed to create a blog to creep us all out.

Susan Finkelstein has just begun posting on Rounding 3rd with Susan Finkelstein (I gotta admit, great name) about her interest in the Phillies, sex, and Walt Whitman.

Oh yeah, this blog has it all.

Finkelstein regales us with her tales of masturbation to thoughts of the 1980 Phillies.  Ok, slightly TMI, but ya know, they were the eventual World Series champs…  

Here's where it gets weird(er?)

Finkelstein imagined that she played for the Phillies as the first female Major League player, and that the attention drawn to her caused resentment among the other male ahtletes.  This resentment led to the kidnapping and punishment (read: rape) of McCrazy.  Of course, all of the Phils got a turn, but Larry Christenson was the real Joran Vander Sloot of the bunch, continually getting his way with Finkelstein.  

She goes on about her love of the Phils, sexual exploration, and even weaves in a Walt Whitman quote.

Oh yeah, this lady is a whole bucket of crazy.


9 Responses

  1. koo koo for cocoa puffs~ watta nut case ~ even worse ~ somebody is reading her story right now and likes it! ewwwwwww

  2. The funny thing is she thinks she is making herself look better. Honey, we are all laughing at you behind your back. Nothing is more pathetic than and aging slut.

  3. Come on, lighten up. She’s just trying to have some fun (with herself), just like that Blue jay “Bring back Doc” girl.
    And calling her crazy is a redundancy because all women are crazy.

  4. Seriously folks, if you actually read the thing, its really well written, certainly a lot better written than any blog you’ll find here.
    The real problem seems to be that she’s a woman who isn’t afraid of sex and doesn’t take herself as seriously as most of the writers and commenters are. They all sound like the pimply faced kids who spent most of their time under the covers with their dad’s playboy in the 70’s and need a blue pill to make it happen today.

  5. It may be well written, but it doesn’t deny that she is a nut case. She is doing this for attention. Susie the Semen Syphon is the whore she was made out to be and apparently proud of it. The blog is probably a cover to lure new johns.

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