Are the Phillies Shopping Jayson Werth?

According to MLBTradeRumors, the Phillies are "evaluating the trade market" for Werth.  Please, no.

The Phils know that Domonic Brown is waiting in the wings and is ESPN's #1 prospect, but trading Werth would essentially waive the white flag on the season.  Brown may be ready to come up, but he's not prepared to fill the shoes of Jayson Werth- especially with Utley out for up to six weeks.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick also reports that Arizona pitcher Dan Haren is on the Phillies "radar", but this story is being way overblown.  The Phillies would likely have to give them Brown to do this deal.

It's a big clusterfuck, folks.



6 Responses

  1. we can thank ruben for creating said clusterfuck.
    now how about a story about the flyers assembling the best defense in the NHL (and in flyers history) today?

  2. How is Ruben responsible for over half the original 25-man roster getting injured at some point throughout this season?
    We still don’t need starting pitching, so I really wouldn’t believe Jayson is on the trading block unless they’re getting 3-4 solid bullpen pitchers out of the deal.

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