Charles Barkley is so Big and Thick

Mandy Housenick, who does a good job covering the Phillies for the Allentown Morning Call, wrote this in her blog about her encounter with Charles Barkley in the Phillies clubhouse.  I'll let you be the judge.

Barkley was a guest commentator for the game on TBS.

Covering professional baseball, I've seen my share of big guys, including Derek Lowe, CC Sabathia, Ryan Howard, etc.

Today, though, the man I saw was in a class by himself: Charles Barkley.

That dude was big.

shook hands before he left the clubhouse and my hand got lost in his.
He was so thick. 

Wow! Being 5-foot-2, makes me glad I don’t cover the
NBA! My boots with 4-inch heals that I wear in the winter and fall
wouldn’t help me out much.

To be fair, we asked Housenick about her choice of words and she told us to get our heads out of the gutter, but we couldn't resist.


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  1. This is so cutting edge.
    Charles Barkley is a big guy. A power forward in the NBA is big. Who’d have thunk it?
    There is really not much inneundo in her commentary.
    Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly move over. Kyle Scott is the new face in sports blogging.

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