Cliff Lee Flustered by Mere Mention of Phillies

Like uttering the name of an ex in the heat of the moment, Cliff Lee briefly forgot what team he was on (his fourth in 12 months) when asked about the possibility of returning to the Phillies in the off-season.  []

"That's down the road," he said. "Right now I'm a Mariner … or a, uh … right now I'm a Ranger. Right now I'm a Ranger. I was so used to saying that, so, I'm a Ranger and I'm going to be a Ranger until hopefully we win the World Series. And when that's over I'll weight all of my options and see what happens. It's really that simple."

It's ok Cliff, we know we were the best you ever had. 

He also wouldn't rule out rekindling the fire:

"I'm not soured by that at all," he said. "It's a business. They decided that the best thing for the Phillies was to trade me to replenish the farm system. They felt like that was the best move. You can't knock them for that. They didn't have to trade for me to come there in the first place. Yeah, I'm not opposed to coming back to the Phillies in the future at all. I'm not opposed to playing for any team. If 29 other teams don't want me and the Phillies are the only team that wants me, I'll be a Phillie."


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  1. This guy loves the Phils. He was ecstatic when he came to Philly and almost depressed about going to Seattle. We want him as much as he wants us! Come back Clifford!

  2. “If 29 other teams don’t want me and the Phillies are the only team that wants me, I’ll be a Phillie.”
    Isn’t he really saying that if no other team wants him then he’ll go to the Phillies? I could see him saying something like this about the Mariners, but about the Phillies? C’mon now.

  3. Haha George is the only other person here who knows a backhanded compliment when he sees one. Lee feels like Amaro lied to him, and if what he says is true then it’s hard to see how Amaro DIDN’T lie to him, so there’s no way he’d come back here now to be second fiddle to Halladay. He meant exactly what he said there, if every other team didn’t want him THEN he’d come back here. But…as long as the Red Sox and Yankees are waiting with a truckload of cash forget about it.

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