The little boy and his father who were yelled at by Jayson Werth on Thursday spent Friday making the local media rounds.

First, the Boyle's were on 97.5 The Fanatic, then NBCPhiladelphia complaining about Werth's behavior. Patrick couldn't sleep, and his son was scared:

"I was shocked he said that in front of me and my dad," the boy said. "I was scared because I thought he was gonna come over and stuff."

Like poking an animal at the zoo.  

We get it, Werth is frightening looking, but he's not an animal.  If it were Shane Victorino who came over and did the same thing, everyone would be saying, "look how cute Shane is when he's mad."

Can we move on from this?  Phils won the game, Werth didn't attack.  End of story

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