Little T-Mac’s Elbow Causes Bloody Ears

Tom McCarthy stayed at home last night to be with his son while he was having surgery on a torn tendon he suffered in a little league game on Tuesday. That meant the game was sort of a catch-22 from an announcing perspective.  On one hand you were excited that there was going to be nine innings of Sarge, on the other, there was the painful realization that you would have to put up with an equal number of innings of Chris Wheeler doing play-by-play.  

It was like dry humping in a park- exciting and new, but ultimately painful and awkward.

I received a lot of reader feedback about having to put up with Wheels' whiny voice for three hours:

f my ears. not gonna lie, wheeler doing play by play is worse than wheeler doing color. i want to kill myself.

if i ever have to listen to wheeler call play by play ever again i may harm myself. and others.

Well, you have your next Shut Up, Wheels segment. This whole game! PS- The sun sets in the west. Another great pearl of wisdom from Wheels

wheeler is trying not to spill his diet sprite on his new tyler colvin cubs jersey in the booth.

is left field waveland or sheffield? It hasn't been mentioned enough.

i'm not sure i heard sarge say much more than his usual "oh boy" that he likes to say after anything the play by play guy says no matter who it is or what he says. it was just 9 innings of complete awkwardness.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm almost looking forward to TMac coming baaaaaaack tonight.

Video courtesy of the fine folks at Where's Weems, who stole it from MLB.


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  1. I wanted to kill myself watching that game last night and not just because Moyer sucked so badly. I mean would it have killed them to have Scott Franzke call the game on TV and sent Wheels to radio? The cynic in me says Wheels went behind someone’s back and did some politicking to call the game. That is his MO.

  2. I completely agreed with everything in this post about actually missing T-Mac… and then I watched the video of his call on Jimmy’s GW HR and my brain started leaking out of my ears, nose and mouth.

  3. when the broadcast started and wheeler was doing the game preview i was like “please god no, anything but this”
    then wheeler proceeded to call the rest of the game to the delight of him and the horror of everyone else

  4. The thing is that we’re all “spoiled” when it comes to the announcers of our beloved Phillies games! Harry Kalas was a hard act 2 follow, but, I believe T-Mac is doing a credible job. I have 2 take “Wheels” with a grain of salt though because he is the remaining survivor of what I consider one of the greatest baseball broadcasting teams of all time. Harry & Whitey, Andy Musser and Wheels. To describe his play-by-play last night is akin to the arthritis in the neck that I’m currently suffering, a leteral pain in the neck, lol! Peace, G.

  5. I went down to the police and they are checking my phone records to make sure I didn’t call you and they said that a lot of times people will get calls from salesmen bill collectors and they block out their number by putting in another number.

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